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Private Jet Charter

Why Private Jet Charter?

The main difference between a private jet rental and a first class flight is that even if you fly in the first class, you have to comply with the rules of the airline company like the flight time of the flight and so on. A private jet rental gives you the freedom to fly at any time, anywhere you want, in a specially designed environment to suit your individual needs. And the quality, luxury and comfort of private plane experience is undeniable. On your next trip, we brought together eight advantageous lists of traveling by private jet.

Private Jet Services

In DURU JET, besides our private jet rental and air ambulance rental services; We also serve you in the field of aircraft trading, aircraft management, special flight services and aviation consultancy.

Aircraft Purchase - Sales

We undertake complex operations of our customers who want to buy private airplanes or sell their planes, saving them from dealing with many exhausting procedures. By conducting the necessary research within the needs and budget of our customers who want to buy airplanes, we find the most suitable airplanes for our customers and help them to make choices. Buying, renting and selling special jet aircraft is a matter of specialization. As Duru Jet, we support you in the purchase, sale, operation and leasing of all kinds of private jet aircraft.

Aircraft Management

With our aircraft management service, we ensure that private aircraft owners or air taxi companies can best assess their investments. We offer a comprehensive service on all aspects of your aircraft, from aircraft management to maintenance, aircraft management, crew construction and operations, aircraft insurance, and even aircraft fuel contract negotiations, and we are working on your behalf to earn income from your private aircraft. We are working to get the privilege of taking both aviation investments and traveling with your own private plane. You can get detailed information about our aircraft trading service by communicating with us.

Private Flight Services

Duru Jet; from our gourmet catering service to a delightful evening meal for all kinds of palate and diet choices, from limousine trips, your reservations at your destination, to fully equipped professional security staff ready for you and your family, every detail of your travels, every detail, is one of the companies that provide private charter service.

Aviation Consulting

We do not limit our Aircraft Buying and Selling service to only trading. We also provide aircraft maintenance and management services with our after sales services. We always keep our partnership alive with our customers and start to buy airplanes and offer the best quality services.

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